Make Your Own Braided Crib Bumper

As newborn parents, are you looking to buy a healthy crib bumper alternative
for your newborn baby? No doubt, it’s very confusing, but not very difficult, work for you.

Talk about great design! If you are looking for something unique and beautiful, this is it. This bumper is created as a plush, knotted braid that lays around the circumference of the crib. It’s very soft to the touch.

This multipurpose crib bumper can also be used for other things once your baby grows. It can be used as a back cushion, a pillow to sleep on or bedding decor

This DIY braided crib bumper is an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift your recipient will surely appreciate.

Giving gifts can be difficult sometimes, maybe because I really think about it long and hard. I don’t want to give a gift just for the sake of giving. I want it to be something that the recipient will truly appreciate and love.

My friend recently had a baby and during her baby shower, she received a lot of gifts – the usual. To celebrate, I wanted to give her something more special. So off I went to research on unique baby stuff and I came across a DIY project for a braided crib bumper. I fell in love at first sight. Not only is it super useful, but I can also personalize the colors, too.

I made several braided bumpers so she’d have something to use while the other is being washed. If you’re looking for a practical, inexpensive, yet really useful gift, I’d recommend you make this one. It’s so easy!