histoire de la marque

“I used to be a toys distributor.”

         Years ago, I started my business as a toys distributor. I had seen hundreds of toys, all of them are colorful and dazzling. I loved to watch my children playing indoors around my toys and sometimes I would lay myself down inside their playpen and thought:

“How the little ones can adapt to these chaos surroundings? Won’t they be overwhelmed?”While raising my kids, my wife and I had never stopped learning how to better execute our nursery job. We learned a lot from the Montessori nursery guide books and we were highly inspired by the concepts. However, one of it confused me:

LESS IS MOREWhy? How? There are so many brilliant articles in the world, shouldn’t we bring these excellent things to our kids?

By chance I visited Norway and I was invited to a local friend’s house. As soon as I stepped into his house, I was highly attracted by the first glance. The simple and minimalist design interior impressed me! Until I saw his daughter room, I got the answer. Her room is fully equipped but still so neat and harmonious in vision. At that moment I realize:

the original of “LESS” does not mean to abandon, but to reduce the redundant functions, colors or shapes, and only maintain the simple necessary core basic. Next day I took the earliest flight back to home and share the experience to my wife ecstatically face-to-face! Afterwards we re-decorated our kids’ room at every inch based on this experience. After that, I realized that I must do something!

People may all hear about Scandinavian Design and Montessori Nursery, but few of them will think of them together. Neither will they know what a brilliant idea it is to integrate them together, and how they can be perfectly compatible with each other in nursery room! I should tell them! Tell you!

This is why Wonder Space is created.I build this brand to better continuously and deeply integrate and develop premium products combined by the concepts. Trying my best to make every parent realize the advantages of it and easily decorate their kids’ own nursery room, a Very Important Privacy.

By brand creator Murphy, 2017